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with_open_eyes ([personal profile] with_open_eyes) wrote2010-11-14 10:26 pm
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So about this dreamwidth thing...

So I haven't really used this account at all, since livejournal is more happening. Not happening in the sense of coolness, but just more active imo. However, today I have learned something pretty awesome about dreamwidth that I'm pretty positive you can't do on lj without a paid account. And this wondrous thing you ask? On dreamwidth, without a paid account, you can view other journals/communities in your own style! I think that's pretty damn awesome!

So there you go :D
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[personal profile] therefore 2010-11-14 12:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man. There for a bit I was very confused since this was cross posted to LJ as well. Ahaha.

DW has a number of features available to their basic accounts that LJ doesn't have. If it weren't for the fact that LJ's community was so big, I'd move over to DW permanently in a heart beat.